Group tours

Service Description

  • Departures: every days with reservation for groups ( min. 25 pax)
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Boat Capacity: 49 persons
  • Depart: Scali Avvalorati; Scali Novi Lena ( Piazza Giovane Italia); Old Fortress (with the visit of the Fortress)
  • Characteristics of the Boat: security equipment on board, crew according to the Law composed by skypper and sailor 
  • Tour: Old Fortress, Venice Quarter, New Fortress, Pontino S.Marco Quarter, Passage under Republic Square (very suggestive), Covered Market, Cavour Square, Scali degli Olandesi, Medicean Port, Old Fortress
  • Prices (including VAT and Tourist Guide on board): starting at € 220,00/group for a minimum of 25 people per group

Combination with excursions

It’s possible to make the following excursions combined with the boat tour:

  • Old Fortress
    Suggestive excursion inside the old fortress, monument of the 500s and site of Leghorn origins. You can discover the old warehouses, the underground prisons, walk along the soldiers walkways on the walls, climb on the wonderful rounded medieval tower from where it’s possible to admire a striking panorama on the beautiful islands of the Tuscan 
  • Livorno “underground…’’
    An unusual walk to discover an hidden Leghorn. The guided tour will take you in the most suggestive corners of the town like the ancient fishermen cellars opening on the water where it’s possible to feel the original marine atmosphere.
  • The Covered Market
    The Covered Market, a magnificent 800’s building, was designed by the architect Angelo Badaloni and it opened in 1894: it’s known since then as the largest Tuscan Covered Market and the most impressive in Europe. Inside, in a charming and colourful atmosphere made of aromas and flavours, you can find Livorno’s and other foreign cultures’ typical gastronomic products. During the guided tour at the Covered Market we visit its architectural structure and we taste typical Livorno’s products.
  • Livorno City Sightseeing
    The Livorno City Sightseeing will take you to explore the vibrant pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea: an incredible journey to discover together the history, the culture, the traditions of this charming city founded by the story o an eclectic mixture of cultures.
  • G. Fattori Municipal Museum
    The “Giovanni Fattori” art gallery is housed in the prestigious 19th-century Villa Mimbelli, once a private residence but subsequently turned into an art gallery. The collection of paintings housed in the Fattori’s gallery consists mainly of Tuscan and Livornese art and included the acclaimed works of Giovanni Fattori and other artists from the Macchiaioli’s school, as well as others generally known as the Post-Macchiaioli and the “Divisionisti”.
    The adiacent building known as the “ Granai della Villa Mimbelli “ houses temporary exhibition.
  • Mediterranean Natural History Museum
    The Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, opened in 1929 to display the wealth of scientific material from the “Gabinetto di Storia naturale del Regio Istituto Tecnico Amerigo Vespucci ”, is housed in the 18th- century Villa Henderson, It covers an area of more than 7.000 sqm.
    The museum’s exibitition areas are the spectacular “Sala del Mare” ( “Hall of the Sea” ) with its enormous skeleton of a Fin Whale ( Balaenoptera Physalus ) a Sperm Whale ( Physeter Macrocephalus ) and a Minke Whale ( Balaenoptera Acutorostrata ), the “ Sala dell’Uomo “ (Hall of man ) , which illustares the evolution of man, with particular reference to the Mediterranean area, and the “Sala di Geopaleontologia” (Hall of Geopalentology ), the “ Sala di Zoologia dei Vertebrati ed Invertebrati “ ( Hall of Zoology: Vertebrates and Invertebrates), the Planetarium, and the Botanic Garden.

Informations and Reservation Service

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